Chocolate Chip Cookies

So…who doesn’t like a good chocolate chip cookie? Say whaaaat? Exactly! Everyone loves those delicious little bites of heaven! (If you don’t, shhhh!)

There is nothing like a freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookie with a cold glass of milk and they’re great year round! It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas or just a Wednesday afternoon. They make great treats to take to work, an after school snack for the munchkins, a late night dessert for that sweet tooth….ah, the possibilities are endless.

What do you do when you don’t live near a bakery? Do you make your own or buy some ready to bake cookie dough? I do a little of both depending on what kind of mood I’m in for example: the mood known as lazy=store bought dough. This day, however, I was in a baking mood.

I’ve tried several chocolate chip cookie recipes all guaranteeing to be the best ever but they never turn out that way. I always end up disappointed. That all changed with the recipe I’m getting ready to share with you.

I was on Pinterest just a scrolling when I came across this recipe called, yet again, Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. I immediately rolled my eyes and thought, “Yeah, right.” Not being able to refuse, I tapped on it and glanced over the ingredients. You know the basics-flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, eggs, vanilla, butter, and the most important (ba ba ba dah…drum roll please) CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Oh, come on, y’all knew what was coming! Now this next one may throw you for a loop. Yeah, it did me anyway. I had never seen a cookie recipe with this ingredient which is what caught my interest and pulled me in. What ingredient could I possibly be talking about? Apple cider vinegar. What? Were you surprised as me? I did a double take. Like actual vinegar…in a chocolate chip cookie? I’ve got to try this! The comments on Pinterest were great so I clicked on the link and got to work. I was not disappointed at all nor my husband or children. A batch barely lasts a day in my house.

I have made this recipe twice. The first time I made as instructed but melted the butter a little too much which produced a flatter cookie. See below.

However, flat or not, they were wonderful-crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside just as promised. The second time I didn’t melt the butter, only softened and by accident I forgot to add the granulated sugar along with the brown when I was mixing. Oops! Hey, it happens. Don’t even get me started on the time I was making gravy and the lid fell off the salt shaker just as I was going to add a sprinkle. Yeah, it ended up being almost half the container. What can I say? When you have little ones running around and bumping into you constantly or talking at fifty mph, your mind wanders and you forget what your were doing. Anyway, I didn’t realize I had done this until after mixing in the chocolate chips. I tasted the dough (don’t act like you haven’t before) and it still tasted sweet with only the brown sugar. So rather than adding the full amount of granulated sugar, I only mixed in half of what the recipe calls for and you know what, still delicious! The cookie didn’t spread as thin and the inside was gooey. See below.

The very light sprinkling of salt on the cookie is a perfect combination with the sweet.

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here is the link to dear crissy’s site where you can get her recipe. Enjoy!

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