Start a blog…sure, why not?

The thing is…if you asked me why I wanted to start a blog, I’m not sure if I could pinpoint one specific answer. I’ve always had a thing for writing. And I like to cook, a lot. As Flo says on the Progressive commercial, ‘Cycling is my passion.’ Wait…or was it her sister? Technically they’re played by the same person so I guess it depends on how you look at it(insert shrug lol and maybe an eye roll). Well, replace cycling with cooking and yeah, that’s me. At times, I have felt a calling to do something like this in hopes my words can somehow reach someone and help them. I struggle with this so much because I have never been one who is comfortable putting myself out there. So guys, this is huge for me.

As I’m typing this post, my oldest child is talking non stop about random facts and our family dog is snoring beside me. My brain is literally straining with effort in an attempt to stay on track. So if I randomly type something that makes no sense and has you saying ‘whaaaaat?,’ bare with me. FOCUS! See, like that(insert laughing emoji).

So writing, food, what’s next? Oh yeah, experiences, family, God… There are so many different things and ideas floating around in this messy head and I want to share it with you.

I’m so glad that you have taken the time to visit and read my words. You’re officially my homie for life. I hope that you find something on here that you enjoy and that you can relate to. If you have an idea or simply something you want to share, go to the Contact page and send me a message or leave a comment below! I look forward to hearing from you!

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